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They’ve arrived!

Sorry about the delay in getting this message sent, we have been nonstop busy since arriving in-country! Our flight from Nairobi got in around 12:15 and after getting through customs we were warmly greeted by Henry as well as several others from COTN. Two bags didn’t make it through yet, but other than that the rest of traveling went well.

After arriving at Njewa around 2:30pm they served us lunch and then we were quickly ushered back into the COTN van and we went to one of the nearby villages where the children and the village’s widows program put on a welcome ceremony for us. The room was packed with happy, smiling children who all wanted to meet us — definitely made us forget the jetlag from our 3 long days of travel.

The children recited Bible verses, sang, and some danced for us — and then they had us dance with them in front of quite a large crowd, something we hadn’t expected but were happy to join in with 🙂 I don’t think any of us were expecting to be so warmly greeted so soon in the trip, it was really an amazing experience, and just within about two hours of arriving!

After getting back we met with Henry for a quick orientation, and we’ll be eating dinner at 6:30pm and then resting for the rest of the night. Tomorrow we will be doing a cultural immersion in the village of Chilombo, so we’ll get to spend all day with families, go to the market with them and cook dinner together.

There is a LOT to take in and many new faces to TRY and remember, and we’re all pretty overwhelmed but we are so excited to finally be here, and loving it so far!

Zikomo (thank you) and modalisto (blessings),

Gretchen, Olena, Bryan, Daniel, Mariel & Sarah


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2 thoughts on “They’ve arrived!

  1. So glad you’ve finally arrived! Praying for your time with families tomorrow and praying that your last 2 bags arrive. What a wonderful adventure God has in store for you. Can’t wait to hear how you each experience God during the next month.

  2. Dan Rieland on said:

    We are praying constantly for each of you. That Christ will reveal himself to each of you in ways that will leave you forever changed. I am so encouraged by the news of the warm welcome. Have an outstanding adventure. Dan Rieland

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