SPRINT Malawi 2012

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Update from Nairobi

The team’s in-flight as I’m posting this, but here’s another update from Gretchen.  They’ll reach Lilongwe tomorrow at 12:15 local time, 3:15 AM Seattle time.

Hi Owen, Sorry that this is in the form of facebook, I couldn’t get email to load on my iPod touch. Anyway, not sure if we will have Internet in Nairobi so just letting you know that when we arrive there tonight around 10pm we will most likely be able to stay in a hotel for the night because we were told that KLM will probably sponsor another night for us before we fly out at 8:25 the next morning. We won’t be arriving until 12:15 in Lilongwe because the plane has to stop in Lusaka. 😦 but the end is in sight! We’re currently waiting for the security and boarding process to begin for our 1pm flight to Nairobi.

It’s been great having Janet the COTN intern leader with us because she has been able to tell us a lot about what to expect in country. We have been practicing Chichewa as well and have even met a few people from Malawi. We also recognize that there a lot worse things that could happen, so even though it’s a bummer that we’re missing an entire day there it is helping us get used to being flexible as Malawians apparently tend to be quite flex with time.

The new flight number to Lilongwe is KQ 724. Flight to Nairobi is the same flight, just pushed way back.


I’ll keep you updated!



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