SPRINT Malawi 2012

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At the hotel!

Here’s an emailed update. They’re doing well with this change in plans.



Hi Owen,
This is Gretchen on Olena’s phone. We got to the hotel safely and are doing just fine-hotel is entirely free and we get breakfast and are currently having our free (very late) dinner at the hotel.

The info about the flight tomorrow is a little fuzzy but they told us to be back by 10:30 and I think we’ll be leaving around 1. So we’re probably gonna leave the hotel via bus really early like before 8, to be on the safe side. We are doing completely fine other than being slightly tired and frustrated so tell parents not to worry! Thanks!

-Gretchen and the rest of the team


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One thought on “At the hotel!

  1. Joan Carlson on said:

    So the adventure continues…. international travel usually has a few unexpected turns. You guys sound like you are handling it well, keeping your focus, and enjoying the detour. God is in control of the details. Thanks for the call Gretchen, I wish I had been home…

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