SPRINT Malawi 2012

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Malawi Team Member Bio: Mariel Rieland


Moni (hello) everyone! My name is Mariel, and I’m from Billings, Montana!  I’m now a sophomore (wow, that’s weird to say!) at SPU. My current plan is to self-design a major in Global Health, and go on to get an MPH in Global Health at UW or otherwise.  I have lots of big dreams of living and serving long-term in developing countries, but I’ve never spent more than a few days outside of the US, so I can’t wait to see how God reveals more of His plan for my life through this trip!  I hope to return with a renewed sense of passion for seeing God’s kingdom brought to earth, whatever that looks like in the future.  As for this trip, I can’t wait to see how my amazing team will work together to further that kingdom work in the beautiful country of Malawi.

I’ll continue the trend with my favorite animal: the Narwhal!! Narwhals, also known as the Unicorns of the Sea, have been my spirit animals for a long time now. “Narwhal” even became my nickname for 3 weeks when I was on work crew at Malibu, a Younglife camp in British Columbia, Canada.  Narwhals remind me of myself, because they exotic and mysterious like mythical creatures, only they actually exist! 😉

If you are actually taking the time to read this right now, can I just say: you are AWESOME!! thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support as we embark on this life-changing adventure. We couldn’t do it without you… 

Madalisto (blessings),

Mariel ❤


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