SPRINT Malawi 2012

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Malawi Team Member Bio: Sarah Kang

Hello! I’m Sarah, a junior going on senior, hoping to graduate early with a biology major and chemistry minor. I’m from Portland, OR and this is my first missionary trip! I’m very excited to go and learn all I can, not only about the culture and how to help, but above all to learn to be humble. I’m also super stoked to play with the kids at the orphanages we’ll be visiting and to hear the stories of the older generations.

Along with Brian, I want to share my favorite animal: the lion! There have just been so many symbols that I’ve grown up with from being a child with the lion representing strength and courage. Whether it be through the Lion of Judah, Gryffindor from Harry Potter, the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz (who found his own inner strength in the end), or my personal favorite, Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia (I love Aslan!!), I’ve always admired lions because of what they represented in my childhood.

I’m extremely excited (but also extremely nervous) for Malawi, and I thank you for helping me achieve the opportunity to go to Malawi through your generous donations. Please continue praying for me and my team as we undergo this new adventure under God’s hands! My deepest thanks is for your support in prayers, and I truly appreciate all the donations that you’ve given. Zikomo onse (thank you everyone)!


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