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Malawi Team Member Bio: Olena Tseona


Moni (Chichewa for hello)!
My name is Olena and this is my second year at SPU! I am a Physiology and Chemistry double major, hoping to go into the health care field.
I am originally from Ukraine but I have lived in the Seattle area for 13 years. 

I am most excited to develop relationships with the children and our hosts in Malawi. Also to observe the health care in a developing country.
Thank you for praying and supporting us!


Malawi Team Member Bio: Gretchen Carlson


Hi, I’m Gretchen and I’m a sophomore! I’m from Portland, OR, and I’ll be starting the SPU Nursing Program next fall.

I am most excited about getting to hang out with the kids in Malawi, as well as worshipping with fellow Christians in a completely different cultural context. Additionally, I am looking forward to learning about what health care is like in a developing nation.

I’m trying not to go into this adventure with any expectations, but I would love to see an elephant while we’re there! But either way, I am ecstatic for this trip, and can’t believe we only have three weeks to go. I’m so excited to see how God stretches us, and teaches us through the people we meet. We would really appreciate prayers for safety and for us to be able to do God’s will while we are there. Thanks!

Malawi Team Member Bio: Bryan Hildebrandt

Malawi Team Member Bio: Bryan Hildebrandt

Hello! My name is Bryan Hildebrandt, and I am a sophomore at SPU, studying General Engineering. I am originally from Wichita, Kansas.

I am very excited to participate in the Kingdom of God in an worldwide sense by engaging in relationships with the people of Malawi. As well, I hope to gain a glimpse of what longer term service could look like by utilizing my engineering skills to provide holistic support.

Finally, I want to share my favorite African animal: the giraffe! I was able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge about them while I worked at my local zoo during summers! They have adapted to their surrounding is so many ways that I just cannot help but love them!

Thank you for your prayers and support! I really hope that this trip will be an opportunity of transformation for our team as we experience God’s love in the midst of a different culture while we join side-by-side with our partnered organization (Children of the Nations) to work with the people of Malawi.

Joyce Banda, Malawi’s new President!

Hey everyone! Mariel here. I was perusing the internet and I saw this wonderful article about Joyce Banda, the brand new president of Malawi:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/29/malawi-president-joyce-banda-women-rights

For those of you who don’t know, Malawi’s former president died of a heart attack a few weeks ago, and Banda was sworn in after narrowly avoiding a coup d’etat by the former President’s brother.  She is taking a stand and making a name for herself.  In the past few weeks she has already fired the corrupt police chief and ministers, hired a new cabinet, and taken a stand for women’s rights.  Please join our team in praying for her success as she fights a very uphill battle as the first woman head of state in southern Africa.

Madalisto (blessings),

Team Malawi

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